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Reading Adam Smith in Arabic., WALL STREET J., Feb. 17, 2011, at A17.

[Selected notable citation: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was questioned directly and specifically about this op-ed by Senator Ron Johnson at the Senate Appropriations Committee Hearings on the State Department Budget on March 2, 2011 – see 2011 WLNR 4165274]

Luxury Needs No Remedy, L.A. Times, July 26, 2010, at A15. (French Translation)

Reprinted as and in, inter alia, the following newspapers:
Founding Father’s Lesson on Wealth, Dallas Morning News, Aug. 1, 2010 (Sunday Commentary); Benjamin Franklin on Wealth, Plain-Dealer (Cleveland, OH), Aug. 1, 2010 (Sunday edition); Ben’s Wealth Wisdom, St. Petersburg Times (FL), July 31, 2010;Government Shouldn’t Regulate Luxury, Deseret News (Salt Lake City, UT), Aug. 1, 2010 (Sunday edition); Wealth is Not a Dirty Word, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Aug. 1, 2010 (Sunday Edition); Benjamin Franklin on Wealth, Denver Post, July 29, 2010; Benjamin Franklin Had It Right on Wealth, Athens Banner Herald (GA), July 31, 2010; Benjamin Franklin Understood the Value of Wealth, Akron Beacon Journal (OH), July 29, 2010.

Los Angeles Daily Journal Columns: Don’t Let Your Bubble Cross My Bubble, Los Angeles Daily Journal,
        July 27, 2010, at 5; Call to Repeal Seventeenth Amendment, Los Angeles Daily Journal, June 16,
        2010, at 5; The Case for Simplicity, Los Angeles Daily Journal, August 20, 2009, at 6; Card Sharks,
        Los Angeles Daily Journal
, August 10, 2009, at 6 (with Ryan O’Dea); For Failing Corporations,
        Christmas Has Come Early This Year,
Los Angeles Daily Journal, June 25, 2009, at 6; Law Doesn’t
        Guarantee Equal Outcomes, Only Equal Opportunity
, Los Angeles Daily Journal, Dec. 29, 2008, at 6;
        Hungry for Precedent
, Los Angeles Daily Journal, May 5, 2008, at 6; Words and Ideas Are Power in
        the War on Terrorism
, Los Angeles Daily Journal, Feb. 26, 2007, at 6.


Bill Fosters a Blight on Property Rights, THE DETROIT NEWS, June 15, 2001, at 13A.

The Real Transition: How to Stem a Deluge of Regulations, WASHINGTON TIMES, Jan. 15, 2001, at A15 (with Robert P. Charrow).

Stopping the Last-Minute Regulatory Deluge, Boston Globe, Jan. 6, 2001, at 11 (with Robert P. Charrow).

After Burma, Legal Times, Aug. 21, 2000, at 54.

Reprinted in full as:
Foreign Policy, Freelanced: Suits brought under Alien Tort Claims Act undermine federal government’s authority, The Recorder (Cal.), Aug. 23, 2000, at 5; and as Rein in the Alien Tort Claims Act: Reconstituted Law of Nations Standard Needs Defining by Congress, Fulton County Daily Report (Ga.), Aug. 24, 2000.

Stand Down, Legal Times, Dec. 6, 1999, at 54 (with Mark Koehn).

Congress Can’t Plea Bargain with President, Detroit News, October 9, 1998, at 11A.

State Needs Real Reform in Takings Law, Detroit News, February 4, 1996, at 7B. (Reprinted in, inter alia, Detroit Legal News)

Quebec Secession Drive Fails the Legitimacy Test, Detroit News, November 1, 1995, at 9A.

Costly Regulations Force Upjohn Merger, Detroit News, August 27, 1995, at 3B.

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